Tuesday, January 31, 2006

men and children

why do men never grow up and alway act like children. They have there toys , 4 wheelers, play staion , big trucks and more. It like pulling teeth to get most of them to so dishes and if you ask them to make supper you end up with kraft dinner.

SO this moring bruce is about to leave for work and i ask him to take out the garbage becuse it is garbage day and don't forget you lunch it was like i was talking to a brike wall i cam into the kitchen and there sits his lunch and well the gargbage is still not taken out. GRRRRRR!

Monday, January 30, 2006

It is snowing

finly we have some snow!!! I went to school today it was a boring class all we did was watch a movie on ethics. The more that i get into this couse the more i am thinking that iam not going to like it. But now that i have started I will finish.

Well bruce quit his job today !! Well sort of he is going back to what he did last winter and that was drive tank truck, when he quit he said that he would never go back and drive tank truck agine and now he is. so crazy

i ended up working all afternoon so i did not get any home work done or house work done. The good new is that i know what iam making for supper!! spaggetie yaaa.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

lazy day

Well it another sunday and well it is the last sunday of january 2006 and it will never be lived agind. with this in mide i still do not fill like doing anythnig. I just wont to sit on my couch and watch overhauling, no claning my house no doing laudery no making supper or lunch, no going to town or no doing any homework that i might have for tomorrow. Bruce is still not home by the sound of things he might not be home agine tonight! so sad. My dog had me up at 4 am agine there are other peaples dogs are out side barking and then she starts barking and it hard to get her to stop. ya if this is what is means to be the year of the dog it is goingto be a long year!!!

So i went to town to get the stuff for supper and then i talked to my mom and she said that if i was going home to have supper by my self then i should have dinner at her house buecse sunday dinner should not be by my self so i talk to bruce and he told me that he would not be home for supper so i had supper there and i just got home home now at 10pm and know i have to stay up till 12 am beuce bruce will not be home till then and i have the truck so there.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The huskeys won

well i just got home from are local hockey team game and they won 6 -3 it was a good game. One of our palyers got a game misconducts for no good reason it did nothing wrong. The ump was ass and the whole areana was booing it was funnie.

i also got to go for supper with bruces parents tonight with bruce befor he went back to work tonught. he is always gone but that is ok. his parnts keeped bringing up is brothers wedding becuse it is going to be such a strange wedding and verry cheep!! any way they were mostly complaing about it too.

So this is my beef!!! Bruce and i got ingaged first and picked are dated 2 days latter wich is july 15 so about 3 weeks agfter we pick are date his brother got ingaged in picked there date june 3 same year. ok this one not so bad becue it is the cheep one so then at christmas my bothere got ingaged and there date is july 22 yes you guessed it the weekend after me. yes iam so mad about this it is horable why cant we just have are year and they can pick another year? if this was you would you be as mad as iam. Dont worry iam a lot madder then it sounds.

Friday, January 27, 2006

So sleepy

Well today was my day to sleep in and now i have to getup early and have peaple over. Barba and jessie are comming over he so cute only 3 mounths old but still i just wonted to sleep in. bruce got called out to work last night he had to go get a dead truck so he is still not home. iam not sure when he will be home i dont wont so phone him just in case he is sleeping in his truck. i have truble sleeping last night becuse my stumic hert so much i dont know what was wrong it was like i has milk and yes it makes me sick but i have not had any all week. Some days i so wish that i could have more then i dial up internet it would be so much faster at times.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Iam getting merried

Iam so sorry that it has been so long but it as been so busy. Life just has been flying bye. I will be haveing my verry own wedding in july i so can not wait that is all that i have been doing these days planning a flowless wedding. Iam having so much fun planning my wedding but with some of the ideas that i have i wish the money grow on trees and then i would not have to desides on the things that i love and i could just have every thing that i like.

grrrr this computer is making me so mad!!! Ok i will start all over agine. It is now snowing out side but i do not wont to go out there becuse is go so cold last night when i got up this moring it was -22 and with the wind it was -36 i know that is way to cold to go outside and do anything. So i am going to stay in here and maybe clean my house and stuff we will see.