Thursday, July 31, 2008

Game 2

Well tonight is game two of the baseball finals and if this team pull rules out of there ass again i am sure there will be a fight. Tuesday night was the third game we played them and they pull bullshit rules on us and made us for fit the game in the 4th inning. So tonight they have to agree to play the hole game of for fit at the begging. game one raining, and 1/2 the team did not have matching Jerseys, game two we only had 6 players but 3 of them were girls so if we wonted to play then it was OK, game 3 Tuesday night one of the girls was waring cleat like sanders things and they told us that was not proper foot wear, OK made not but she was not a big hitter she was one of the new players because you have to have 2 of those and she would be only hearting herself if she got hit in the foot.
so tonight because of the for fit we have to win the game by 8 run to go to the next round!! ( Good Luck my team)

Bruce playing third base that is his spot
Bruce waiting for the back catcher to get the ball back to the pichter so he can bat.
bruce a swing and a mis
mike batting his the ball and now running

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

all the little things

Well the appointments went well yesterday Bruce was even able to come with me for a change that was nice. I was told again that it is going to be a big babies so i guess we will have to waite and see what happens. I have made appointment for the next 4 weeks but we will see if we need them all.
Well tonight we start the play off for ball that should be fun i will have to make sure i take a camera tonight it just might be the second to last game. I have to get some house work done today and the trailer ready to go camping aging this coming weekend for the long weekend, ( Canadian Holiday)
Bruce on the boat last weekend try out some fishing

Monday, July 28, 2008


last weekend was a sort of busy but not really. We went camping with some friends and then we hand to go to a birthday on Sunday for my friends kids one one is seven and other is two. This afternoon I have another doctors appointment so we will see when happen with this one.
Bruce cooking us some breakfast so good pancakes Gus loves them.
Brady and Sara playing the ball toss game it's a lot of fun, the more they drink the funnier it is to watch.
Little Emma opening her presents on her for her birthday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


today will be just one of those day just me and the dog. i got the yard mowed yesterday and some of the dirty clothes done but that was about it. I do not know what i will be doing today just wait and see what happens. Nothing big is planed made we will go camping this weekend just to get away.
my best friend and sister enjoying the summer sun!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

long weekend

so this weekend did not start out all that great Friday night we ended up going into the hospital aging the contractions had started so off we went i know not quite 36 weeks so this could be a bad thing so away went they did some test and dusted to see if they could stop them and i was like well OK knowing the complications the could come if we did have the babe so i ended up spending the night and they stooped them good we thought. i was told to take it easy and not do anything for 4 day. i thought that was sort of wired so i agreed and come home and have do nothing till Sunday night and then there was bleeding and off we went bad to the hospital. They checked me out and told me it was OK and sent me home. As we were leaving we ran in to a nurse that we know and started to talk to her and she told me that on Friday night the mane reason that they chose to stop things was because my doctor is not here till today. She now told me to go back to normal activities and if anything happens stay conferable and come back when you think it time!
At least all is well in the backyard

Friday, July 18, 2008

simpel things

yesterday I went outside to work on weeding the garden and found a bird in the backyard i think that it might of fallen out of the tree it could not fly over the fence to get out so i tyred to help it but i could not get close, so i just watched the dog so he would not heart it more this mo ring i went outside to see if it was still there and he is gone so somehow he found a way out.

This is the bird

next week is the last week for baseball i can not believe that this season has gone by so fast we just play for fun but at the beginning of the year we were last place and last all the game now we have been winning and are sitting in 3 rd place in the league so this year might be the first in 3 years that we make it to playoffs.
the Gus just enjoying the sun
The Gus watching the bird but he never did chase it

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well the strangest thing had happen the last couple days when i have left my house to go to town i keep having to stop and let wildlife cross the road now this might make you think that i live far from town but i don not i am 1 km from city limits. So o Tuesday i had to stop for a beaver yes a beaver at first i did not know what it was and then i realised it was a beaver and now yesterday i had to stop for a mother duck and her babies to cross the street early this spring i have moose in my backyard it scared the dog he would not go outside till the moose was gone!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today is the day 2 years since the big wedding wow has time gone bye. As far as i know we are not doing agine thing it is Tuesday and that means ball night Bruce is on call agine did not get home till late last night from work so plans for supper got canceled. My mother in law wonts to come to town and have dinner with just me tonight which sort of is wired i never do stuff with just her. It duse not look like much of a nice day out to day it sort of foggie right now and cool i guess i would be a good day to get the rest of the laundry done and maybe clean the rest of this computer room.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well Saturday night was the 1st trip to the emergence for this babie i know that i was not in labor but i also knew that there was something wrong so at 8 pm when my husband got home that is were we went it was long night of different test but what they come up with was a urniery track infection then is was like past midnight and i was like ok i went home.

Today is Monday and i still fell the some way presser on the pelvis when i stand or walk so i will see how it goes today i have feeling that i will be back in to see someone tomorrow. They also told me that babe has dropped and it could be anyway but my due date is not for 32 days that sort of scares me as well.At lest the rain last night brought the life back in garden

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well Saturday morning and here i come out to find some new cool things. My mom and sister and on the hunt with me and well i am not to sure what we are all looking for this should be a good time. If and when i find anything cool i will so come on back and let all of you know what it was.

I found some more Dr. seuss books
photo books and a teddy bear lamp
VHS movies
A dresser for babie
A toy car thing and a little tikes picnic table forgot to get a pic of it

Yesterday was well a sort of busy day Bruce and i had sle eped in and then had lunch with my dad and sister, went to his parents for dinner and did a hole lot of running around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

pregnance pictures

Well last night i went and got my pregnancy pictures dune it was way more involved then i thought it would be but the lady that i got to do them i relay like. The only problem now is waiting till they get here witch will be like 2 weeks. I was not going to any with no top but i got into it and did it but there is nothing showing you cover yourself so it very tasks full.

On the other had my dog the crazy one jumped thought another screen window well he was outside now that 3 time that i had to fix the window because of him. GRRR!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2nd to last day

Well this is the second to last day the i am being paid to get up this early. I know there will be days to come but for work wise this is almost the end i a little sad. You put so much time into a store and get to know the people that is sort of sad to leave it behind. I will miss the people that i work with but i sure i will miss the people that come in all the time most of all.

Monday, July 07, 2008


well today is the last Monday i have to work and well i did not sleep well at all. It is like my body is getting ready for baby and i keep sleeping lighter and lighter i woke up to every little sound last night it sucks now i so sleepy. This weekend went by so fast it was like you blink and it was over but we never did a hole late. Saturday i went yard salting and all i found was a shelf for the shed. It was a so of wet weekend it rained every night so that was good for the watering thing being that i pay for my water.

Friday, July 04, 2008

the sun is out

wow what a great last week the sun had been shinning and it is so hot outside last nigt it finly rained and cooled off a bit but it is crazy hot.

littel emma trying to fill her cup with more pop!

Gus and his new freind they played with each othere all weekend! Camping was great now this weekend is yard saleing time see if i can find more book and cool stuff.