Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sara is here!!

Sara is here!! Posted by Picasa sorry it is such a bad pic it is from there wedding and it a pic of a pic buecse i dont have any of her on my computer!!

Well sara is know here, shhh dont tell anyone iam not going to school today and iam going to spend some time with her. She is here for a dance fastivel so iamgoing to watch her dancers dance.
well the showing went well last night the peale liked it and they had some question like what was the gas bill and hydo bill like what do we pay for pad rent and so on. there are some other people looking at the house tonight agine at the same time let wate and see what happens!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time to show my house agine!!

Been showen agine!! Posted by Picasa
So all morrng i have been cleaning my house so that strange peaple can be wellcomed into my home and look around! I do hope these peaple like it would be about time that some one should bye it. We have only been tryign to sell it for almost 2 years.(that so crazy with the market the way it is were i live)
Good new i am going to Banff and we are leaving in 15 Days I know I am like a child and have to count down to every thing!

Here is a littel question for you all to awser as you stop by!
How many blogs do you read every day? Following that, do read certain blogs on certain days? For instance, if you have 50 blogs you read, do you read 15 on Monday, 15 on Tuesday, and 20 on Wednesday? Or do you try to read them all every day?
Well my awser would be first i check my blog and read all the comments and go vist the peaple that commeted and if iam bord then i serf around looking for new peaple to vist!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Let get real monday!

My grad photo Posted by Picasa
Well if can not tell from the photo i graduted in 2000-2001 school year so it was a while ago but not to long. now dont be thinking that look she a yongen she had not chaged but you got to remaber change is good. I was a quite person in school never went out to parties and alway did my homework untill gr 12 then the boys got in the way but i sill graduted on time. Now look at me Iam back at her going to school agine now trying inpove what ever it is that i wont to be when i grow up!!

17 days

iam going to Banff! Posted by Picasa
yes bruce has finly booked a weekend off and we are going to Banff snowbording for 2 days. The 9 hr drive will so be with it. I hope the the wedding dresses will be in so that i can deliver teelas to her well we are there!!!
2 weeks of school left and then crazy me iam taking some summer classes.
By the sound of things i should be working at the camp ground agine this summer i had so much fun last summer working there!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Joy of Summer!

The joy of summer! Posted by Picasa
Well sorry i was not around yesterday Bruce was home till 1pm and then he had to go to work and he was like please oh please come with me so i said ok. We drove 1 hr and then had to wight for some to come and load in in his tank truck so from 2pm till 8 pm sitting in his truck watching movies on his probale dvd player! it was an ok day jsut sort of boring!
Well I got a call last night Grandma had her surgry and they put in a plastic hip she will be in the hospital for 3 to 4 weeks and then she gets moved to a recovery hospital to learn how to walk and function agine and that will talk 3 to 4 weeks so we are all hoping that after 8 weeks she will be gooding good!
SO bruce and i have decided that we are going to go to Banff for easter weekend snowbording and well as most of you know my best friend lives there and well we are not going to tell her that we are comming and surpise her when we got there i so think this is going to be so much fun!! i do hope dress for the wedding is dune befor we leave so i can bring it to her when we go !!

Friday, March 24, 2006

46 people are comming!

The reply cards are slowly comming in! Posted by Picasa
Iam so happy every day when i check my mail becuse there is at least one reply card. I can only got 2 back that say no out of 172 sent out! I think iam doing prity good.
I had to put the coller on my dog agine this morrine at 6am becuse she was barking and would not stop. Bruce came home last night but is gone agine today at 5am and will not be back untill around the same time.
I still have no T.V that is aright 2 weeks now with no t.v just all i got to watch is movies and shows that i have got on DVD. This is starting to suck.
Only 3 weeks of school left and i might be dune for this year!
So lst night I got some bad news my grandma who is old and sick as it is fell and brock her hip yesterday they are not sure if it will heal this suck and that means that she might not be comming to the wedding becuse she can not walk.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

104 Days

Teela Posted by Picasa

My Best Friend and Maid of Oner will be in in 104 day i so cant wait i have not been able to see he since October.
My poor dog was barking last night agine so i had to put her stop barking caller on i feel so bad when I have to do this becuse i think it is sort of mean.
Bruce says he just might get home tonight that would be nice i have to seen him much this week.

Teachers at nursery schools in Oxfordshire, England, have asked children to change the words of "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" to "Baa, Baa, Rainbow Sheep" to avoid the possibility of offending anyone.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tri athalone

This is me!! Posted by Picasa

Ok so what do you all think of a tri athalone? hmmm well last summer when this pic was taken i would of told you "you are crazy" But today i thinking about it some peaple from the gym are talking about it and iam thinking that i might try it. The short corse is 12 laps in are pool 5km bike ride and 2.5 km run! so yesterday i went to the gym for 45min and worked out and then when i got home i walked to the store and back that is 3km walk but i did not so s sunday walk in the park i walked and ran as much as a could it took oh a i took my dog this walk took me 30min what do you think good/ bad!!!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why poison in mae

worlds scarest bride Posted by Picasa

Well this is what I was asked that other day "why do you call your self Poison In Mae" Well her my answer my middel mae in mae and when I was in hotmail trying to come up with a good email adress I was lisoning to some song on the computer at the time at had the word poiosn in it and so I put it all together and that is what you get "Poison In Mae"

Monday, March 20, 2006

Today is the first day of spring!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This is my puppy Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006

This is me painting my entry way it looks so much better! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 16, 2006

jesse he is getting so big Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

there are are 4 wheelers after we went playingin the mud Posted by Picasa