Friday, March 24, 2006

46 people are comming!

The reply cards are slowly comming in! Posted by Picasa
Iam so happy every day when i check my mail becuse there is at least one reply card. I can only got 2 back that say no out of 172 sent out! I think iam doing prity good.
I had to put the coller on my dog agine this morrine at 6am becuse she was barking and would not stop. Bruce came home last night but is gone agine today at 5am and will not be back untill around the same time.
I still have no T.V that is aright 2 weeks now with no t.v just all i got to watch is movies and shows that i have got on DVD. This is starting to suck.
Only 3 weeks of school left and i might be dune for this year!
So lst night I got some bad news my grandma who is old and sick as it is fell and brock her hip yesterday they are not sure if it will heal this suck and that means that she might not be comming to the wedding becuse she can not walk.


Amanda said...

thanks for stopping by my blog :) hope your grandma will be okay. praying for her.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Did you see my daughters wedding photos? How exciting to be planning your wedding! I remember the joy...the anticipation.....every breath..every heartbeat was dedicated to planning and making sure each thing would be just right. No,not right...PERFECT!!! :)

I hope you continue to enjoy the process....and remember...don't forget to focus on your "marriage" as much you focus on the wedding! :)

Stop by anytime!


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