Friday, January 06, 2012

flash back friday

Friday Photo Flashback

back in 2005 this was a flower in my back yard it about the same as this year we have had more rain then snow sort of crazy!


Kim, USA said...

Yay our weather is really crazy. My hubby says he remember this kind of weather once in the 40's lol!

Photo Flashback

Scatz said...

here in the UK we have had more rain this year..and very little snow anywhere.
Thanks for sharing the picture..we forget so fast.

Alicia said...

We never get snow where I live!! And surprisingly, it hasn't rained much here either!

Thank you for joining in on FPF!!

Xmas Dolly said...

It's a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend.

Xmas Dolly said...

Oh, and I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you and have a wonderful weekend. Hope you find time to stop by and do the same.

shopannies said...

same here and we have early spring flowers coming up come visit me at