Tuesday, September 28, 2004

school funding

well well is not it grat when you find out your being used!!! i was asked to give my household income and expeeces to then people then said that they would give me funding. Now they have turned the tables around and said that my bayfireds expence are t mucch aand they do not cover them. Well now iam not getting any money becuse they thick theat we are common law well have not been living there for more then a year i have ony been there for 3 months so how can that be common law.

he drives truck he maked his own money and well spends his own money why should i have any input into how he shold spend his money.

GRRR i am so mad at them right at this moment

this is i sort of thought it was cool i foung it on someones blog got me thinking

100 Questions
1. Why do people not vote?
2. Why did Hitler want to kill Jews and others in order to create his supreme 'Aryan race'?
3. What makes one person more or less important than another?
4. Has video games, tv, music, magazines, books, and movies desensitized America?
5. If America has less guns than other countries, why do we use them to kill each other more than any other country?
6. Is it possible to live without stereotypes?
7. Why don't people see that abortion is murder?
8. Why would someone consider abortion?
9. How do bagpipes work?
10. How do screamers in bands not lose their voices??

thats the first 10 of 100..i'll get to some more later


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