Tuesday, October 05, 2004

4 wheeler heaven

this is my 4 wheeler Posted by Hello
Yes i know I told you all that i would get you a pic of me 4 wheeler and now i have i got hello working and i am able to post to my blog sorry that it is so borring but this time have have on a computer is limited. thankgiving weekend is coming and well i exeded becuse my 4 wheeler should be running and we are going to mud creek for the day it should be lots of fun. well bruse has been away at work and i have been tring to cech up on engish work becuse of the missed day i had was to get a MRI that was the scaresed thing ever. If i have eny advise for you that is if you don't have to get a MRI don't do it. It is so not fun!!! Well i got to go my computer class is about to start!!