Monday, February 28, 2005

24 days

bruce and I Posted by Hello check up these sexy snowborders!!!! I got all my pic deveuped yesterday they are so good. So I went to my dads for my birthday dinner last night it sucked. the rule at there house is who ever birthday it is they get to chose what we have for dinner and what cake you wont. so no one asked me what dinner i wonted so i went over there at 6:30 becuse i was told the night befor that supper would be late becuse my brother had to work late so that is ok i could smell that some thing was cooking but i did not know what is was then i found out that it was rost and pataoes and corn well is ok i like that but bruce did not but this is still ok he only ate patoes and corn he was happy with that the worst part was when they got a cheep icecreem cake and it had nuts on it and bruce is alugice to nuts that made me mad it was my birthday and the one person that i love with all my heart can to eate over half of what was mabe grrrrrrrrr.
Well road bands started to day 10am to 10pm truck drivers are not alowed to be on not goverment roads. so bruce is now working nights till eather it dries up so get cold agine the winter weatther sucks.
24 day till i get to go and vistit teela


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