Thursday, February 03, 2005

stupid ice and snow

They look just like brothers Posted by Hello
Well as of today I hate winter!!!!!!! I was 1/2 hr late for school today becuse of the stupic weather. So it got cold last nigh and it snowed a lot more but that is ok I do not mined a littel snow but whe it is on a big sheet of ice is when I get mad. So I got to back out of my driveway and my car starts to spin out so i try it agine same thing ( I drive forwed and backword for like 15min) so then I give up and phone bruce and he told me to get brady to give me a ride to his truck in town and then go to school. So that is what I did. When I was done school at 1pm I went to get some solt to fix my drive way and noone anywere had any solt. so I went home to see it if i could get my carout of my driveway and well la it drove right out ( now bruce bright idea was to back my car in to the driveway and then i should get out) so I backed my car into the drve way and the i was stuck spinning on the ice so much for bruces idea!! so I had to go back to town and get some dirt to fix my drive way but there was none to be found so I went to walmart and got some kitty litter pored it on my drive way and now my car will go in and out with no probleam!!! yes I should be all good I will test it agine when I have to go down to the store to get him to feed him supper and then send him back to work agine I cant wate till winter is over and I am able to see him agine!!!


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