Monday, December 20, 2004

SO close to christmas

Well christmas is almost here and I still have one gift to finish. Well i have to finish paninting this pichure for Bruces mom if off two bears in a bath tub. i really have to go to school tomorrow I have not been in a week. Been so busy with Christmas and work. I have to clean my house tomorrow it is so bad it has to be done and tomorrow is just the day well I have been in G.P 2 times this week that a 3hr drive form here it will be to soon befor I am there agine . I saw my Grandparents today and gave them there christmas presant there open it and loved it was a pich of my sister and I. Now with the christmas break sort of IU should be aboule to keep up with my wrighing.This weekend went so fast. Saterday was my Christmas party for work that was great fun I only draink a littel bit mabe 5 drinks but it was $4 a drink last year it was only $2 that sucks. On suday we went to Goodlow for bruce borther Bill birthday so of a family thing so hope tell you some thing new tomorrow

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Chevalier Blanc said...

Hi Stephanie,

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