Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday minutes and getting thru the day

So it has taken me a few weeks but I have found some photography contest so here is another on that I found over at iheartfaces.

Photography Contest | Paper
This is Brooke she is reading one or our local bye and sell papers.

The Paper Mama

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Eyes

a sorta fairytale challenge standouts: thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my son being happy and healthy 

life with my 3 boybarians

Ok so today is Monday and Friday is moving day we are getting closer. I got a phone call yesterday that hockey is canceled today so that same me some driving tonight. Have to go to town and do some running around this morning and then back this afternoon for Brooke gymnastics class but that should help break up the day and it might go by faster. My son was up at 6 am aging today I hope he naps good. I think I might get most of the kitchen pack today as well. Had dinner at my dads last night and they let us know that well they now have other plans and can not watch the kids on moving day I guess they are going to have to help this might be fun.

1. How many pillows do you sleep with? we have 3 on our bed but I sleep with 2 one cotton and one feather.
2. Where will you eat on Thanksgiving? I am Canadian and we are ready did thanksgiving and I had 2 dinners one at the in-laws and one at my mothers
3. Would you rather go to a party or host a party?Both it all depends on what the party is and who coming over.
4. How many purses (for the guys..wallets) do you own? right no I have 2 one is bigger works as a dipper bag and the other is small for the night or day I go out with out the kids I also have a wallet the I use that just changes from purse to purse
5. What is your favorite kind of seafood?I do not like seafood at all do not eat any of it.

(1) What's your all time favorite book? I do not know I have to got to read a book in some time.
(2) What are your pets names? No pets till after Friday and We move and then we are getting a puppy
(3) What kind of undies do you prefer (thong, briefs, boxer briefs...choose depending on your sex)? mostly thong
(4) If you could go back in life, what would you now chose to do for a living? i do not think I would change anything I love being a mother and stay home with my children but If you were to talk to my husband he would love to have a Monday to Friday job 9-5
(5) Do you hit snooze in the morning? no my alarm is my children and you just can snooze them out.

Monday blog hops

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

military monday blog hop

Back in 2004 and blog this and still like it today
The ends do not justify the means, the means determine the ends


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Ashley said...

Great pictures!

Cristy said...

How wonderful that you wouldn't change anything...I wish I could say the same! That must let you rest well every night (well, until those kiddos wake you, haha)

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