Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday minute with Cristy

(1) Do you change your oil or pay someone to do it? Well if it need to be done and I am in town I will pay someone to do it but if my huband is home and has nothing to do then he will do it for me!

(2) Are all the award shows over-rated? to me it never matters I do not watch them anyway.

(3) Do you double dip your chips at a party? Just once? Don't care? just once at a party but if its just me and am at home then I will dip more then once

(4) Who do you love most in the whole world? You can only choose one person. my husband

(5) If you won the lottery, what outrageous thing would you do? The thing where people would say you had more money than sense. just live life to the fullest not waste it all in one spot ( the only way to win is to by and I never by)